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Overexposed Jag

So, it seems I managed to mess up the exposure on this shot by some margin. Had it been B&W or C41 negative film then I might have rescued some of the highlights, but slide film takes no prisoners unfortunately, so over-exposure is what I got. While this B&W conversion is no less overexposed than the colour original, I think the monochrome hides the failings better and, despite the flaws, there’s still something about the photograph that I like. So, here it is.

UPDATE: Two days after posting this, the photo managed to get into Flickr’s Explore selection. While I like the picture, I don’t think it’s that good. But then Explore is an enigma at the best of times. The photos I make that I like best never tend to get into Explore, it’s always the ones I think are more average.


Fujica GW690 & Fujichrome Provia 400 (expired 2013). Lab developed.

Taken on 30 April 2022

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