Breaking the rules

One of the rules of composition is the “rule of space”. This states that there should be more space in front of an object moving through the frame than behind it. I’ve broken that rule here, but (to my eyes at least), I think the shot works well nonetheless. The fact that the man is closer to exiting the scene than entering it seems to add a sense of urgency (which is also helped by the motion blur).

But what do I know. 🙂

FILM - Exit stage right

Pentax P30T, Rikenon 50mm f/2 & Kodak Tmax 400.

Taken on 03 February 2018



It was a pretty cold day when I took the shot and the temperature meant that the clouds of vapor from this man’s e-cigarette were all the more prominent. I took one shot with his head in a cloud of smoke, and then this one in the midst of emission.

FILM - Caught in the moment

Canon Sure Shot Telemax & Kodak Tri-X.

Taken on 12 December 2017

Shadow man

I obviously misjudged the metering on this shot and underexposed the photo. However, I think it’s another one of those cases where a happy accident produces fortuitous results. The deep shadow between the houses emphasises the man and the high contrast does the same for his shadow on the wall.

FILM - A man and his shadow

Zeiss Mess-Ikonta 524/16 & Fomapan 400.

Taken on 21 December 2017

In the fortress of appliances

I spotted this man working in a market white-goods stall, and liked the way it looked like he was barricaded in.

FILM - The fortress of appliances

Canon Sure Shot Telemax & Kodak Tri-X.

Taken on 12 December 2017