Twisting track

Another picture from the lane near Eyam. I was on my way back to the start point when I took this one and the track made a short twist here. I’m not sure why – I couldn’t see anything that would physically require the bend, but who knows what might have been there in the past – either trees, or maybe different ownership of plots of land or something?

FILM - Twist in the track

Minolta Hi-Matic G2 & Ilford HP5+.

Taken on 8 August 2019


A lane under a tree

A shot from a walk in the countryside near Eyam on Thursday morning. The trip was ostensibly for a recce of a location (as seen in this shot) and I took a bunch of photos on digital with the plan being, if they look ok, to come back in the autumn for an early morning picture with some colour on the tree.

I also had the Minolta Hi-Matic G2 with me as I’ve been running a roll of HP5+ through it to check it’s all ok prior to selling it on. It’s a nice little camera, but this is only the second time I’ve used it since I got it nearly three years ago, and it doesn’t really do anything that my Olympus Trip 35 doesn’t. The action on the advance lever is sweeeet though!.

I’m not sure if the battery in the camera is running low or if it’s the wrong voltage, but most of the shots came back a little underexposed. This, however, has resulted in some wonderfully gritty and atmospheric results that I’m really taken with. You will probably be seeing more of them over the coming days. 🙂

FILM - Lane beneath a tree

Minolta Hi-Matic G2 & Ilford HP5+.

Taken on 8 August 2019

A footpath near Edale

A gate on the footpath I took when heading back towards Edale a couple of weeks back. I believe the peak you can see at the far left background is The Nab on the south-eastern edge of Kinder Scout.

FILM - A path near Edale

Yashica Mat 124 G & Fomapan 100.

Taken on 26 April 2019


On the edge of the village* where I live there is a farm. It’s located on a tight bend in the road, but the narrow verge is always well-tended, and through the gate and gaps in the hedge, you can often see ducks, geese and chickens milling around. The farm also sells a range of produce, and signs such as the one in my photograph are affixed to this tree and at other places. Once upon a time the farm probably backed out onto an undisturbed river floodplain, but this was taken over by a railway marshalling yard when the local coal mine was still in production (it’s been closed nearly 35 years now), and in more recent times now carries the A57 bypass via a viaduct across the valley, which is what can be seen in the middle part of the picture, just behind and above the hedge. Despite all this, there’s still a peaceful air around the farm, especially when the rush-hour traffic has subsided.

*I use the term “village” in its loosest sense – it’s actually just a suburb of Sheffield, but like many satellite settlements that have been absorbed into the wider metropolitan mass, it’s still known as “the village” be local people.

FILM - Potatoes red

Olympus Trip 35 & Fomapan 400.

Taken on 28 March 2019

Skeletal tree

As much as summer is nice, and autumn colour is glorious, the naked skeletons of winter-time trees tend to make for the most interesting photographs I think.

FILM - Waiting for the flesh to return

Nikon F80, Nikkor 28-80mm f/3.5-5.6 AF & Fomapan 400.

Taken on 20 January 2019