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Not the best news

Today has been somewhat disconcerting. While I’ve not, as yet, looked at the news at all today to see what’s been happening, I was nonetheless personally reminded of the current pandemic situation when I found out that my wife will be seconded onto a ward containing COVID-19 positive patients from next week. While the secondment is not unexpected, the thought of her coming into close contact with people infected with the virus is not a pleasant one.

I know that, for most people, the symptoms are mild (and even undetected in some cases), and that the percentage of people developing severe symptoms is pretty low, but that doesn’t make me any less concerned knowing how seriously it can affect others.

There isn’t a great deal that can be done to avoid the situation though, beyond taking the greatest care that we can, so it’s important to make sure I don’t worry about this unduly. Worrying about things I can do nothing about isn’t good for anyone. No-one in our family has contracted the virus (thatwe know of) and certainly no-one has become sick, so I shall continue to hope that this will remain the case.

Another photo of the Humber Estuary and bridge from back in 2017 today. Again, this is a photo that’s been sat on my hard-drive unpublished since I took it.

Out into the estuary

Yashica Mat 124 G & Ilford FP4+

Taken on 30 August 2017.

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Beighton Station

Today’s photograph is of the signalbox that sits beside the railway crossing in Beighton village. The box still holds the title of Beighton Station, although the station was closed back in 1954 and the Great Central Railway signalbox and crossing are now all that remain. The station opened back in 1893 and originall formed part of the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway. The line is still in regular use.

Being not too far from home, I’ve photographed this scene on a number of occasions, and it featured in the blog before back in 2017 in the post “Twelve frames an hour“.

Someone commented that the signalbox really “pops” in the frame in this shot, and that it reminded them of an old box camera, meniscus lens image. This is fitting, given the Holga also sports a simple meniscus lens. The vignetting and soft edge-focus of the Holga gives an effect not totally dissimilar to the shallow depth of field that might be generated bys a wide aperture on a larger format camera.

Beighton Station

Holga 120N & Ilford FP4+.

Taken on 10 March 2020

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I have three entries for this year’s FP4Party. All taken with my Holga 120N.

I didn’t hold a lot of hope for the roll I shot – I felt I was shooting stuff for the sake of it, so was very pleased to find I was very happy with some of the photographs. All three here were taken around the house while trying to finish off the roll – ostensibly the previous week should have been “shoot” week, and I did make some pictures on this same roll then, but work and the weather prevailed so I had the defer some of the shots – happily, I got some nice light on the day in question, even if I didn’t step foot out of the house.

I like the low key look I got, and the Holga, with it’s single-speed shutter and very limited aperture control, has once again delivered in spades.

Of the three, I like the first best. The second is nice, but I’m not sure about the composition – I think I should have moved the vase to the left or right to avoid it blocking the lamp standard. The third is nice too.

Bathroom mirror

Living spaces

Her touch

Holga 120N & Ilford FP4+.

Taken on 10 March 2020

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Balls of steel

I can’t remember if I’ve posted a photo of these on the blog before, but this is a new shot taken this past weekend. There are several of these water features around St. Paul’s Place in Sheffield, all different sizes and clustered in groups or individually. They are probably one of the most photographed things in the city, along with the “Cheese Grater” car-park (which can just be spotted encroaching into the top of this image).

There’s a vague ghost of a selfie to be spotted in the reflection. 🙂

FILM - Quite the pair

Yashica Mat 124 G & Ilford FP4+.

Taken on 9 March 2019