A photo from a few weeks back when I went for a wander around a part of town I’ve not explored before. Although it was far from the golden-hour, the light was still nice and I spotted this tray of eggs in a closed sandwich-shop window, positioned in such a way as to be largely unaffected by the reflections obscuring the rest of the shop’s interior. It’s a bit of an odd shot, but one I was really pleased with.

FILM - Eggs

Olympus Trip 35 & Kodak Portra 160.

Taken on 29 July 2017.


Almost distinguished again

It’ll be the 2017 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride in a few weeks’ time, so here are a few pics from last year’s event in Sheffield. This was the second outing from my (then) recently acquired Olympus 35 RC.

FILM - Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 2016-8

FILM - Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 2016-7

FILM - Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 2016-5

FILM - Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 2016-2

FILM - Steampunk Headgear

FILM - Bliss

FILM - Mint

All shots: Olympus 35 RC & Kentmere 400 film.

Taken: 25 September 2016

Cathedral eagle

A couple of photographs taken on a recent(ish) trip to Sheffield cathedral, when the venue was opened in the evening to a local photography group, enabling the use of (normally forbidden) tripods etc.

It’s the same subject in both shots, just from opposite sides.

FILM -  Eagle front

FILM - Eagle back

Both shots: Yashica Mat 124 G & Ilford HP5+.

Taken on 17 July 2017.


Earlier this year I bought three compact 35mm cameras for a couple of quid each at a camera fair. One of them was the Konica Pop with which I took the photos in today’s post.

The Pop is a pretty bare-bones machine. Essentially the only options you have are altering the film speed setting and deciding whether to manually use flash (it fires automatically if there’s low light, popping up from the top of the camera, hence – I suppose – the name). Mine, however, doesn’t do this as there were a couple of badly corroded batteries in it when I bought it and the electrics no-longer work.

However, after a bit of research, I discovered that it’s possible to shoot it manually using Sunny 16 type guidelines. The camera has a fixed 1/125sec shutter speed, and the lens is fixed focus (at 2.8 metres). The aperture though can be controlled by an odd combination of the film ASA setting and whether the flash is set in it’s up or down position and provides a decent set of apertures to use:

ASA 400 & Flash Down = f/16
ASA 200 & Flash Down = f/11
ASA 100 & Flash Down = f/8
ASA 200 & Flash Up = f/5.6
ASA 100 & Flash Up = f/4

It’s a bit ‘Heath Robinson’, but it works. Based on this, I decided to run a roll of film through it to see what I results I might get. Now, some of the shots were a little underexposed based on my misjudging the light, but on the whole they weren’t too bad, with the Hexanon f/4 lens being pretty decent.

So today’s post features a small selection of the better shots. All were shot on Agfa Vista Plus 200 film, a few of which I converted to black and white in Lightroom. I’ll get around to re-scanning them at some point and hopefully squeeze a bit of extra detail out of the negatives.

FILM - Moo

FILM - Baa

FILM - Curves

FILM - Incoming

FILM - Not for the likes of me

FILM - About to leave for Leeds

FILM - Picadilly

FILM - Discussion

FILM - Awaiting departure

Of all of these, I think the shot of the curved building, and the bottom shot of the people on the railway platforms are my favourites.

Looking at it from different points of view

A couple of photos taken earlier this year when I had to attend a course in Manchester. As I had a little time each morning after getting off the train, I would wander the streets and take a few pictures with the camera I had with me (an Olympus Superzoom 105 G compact in this case). These are both of the same street, but from the opposite ends.

FILM - Backwhacks

Olympus Superzoom 105 G, Fomapan 100

FILM - Backwhacks

Olympus Superzoom 105 G, Fomapan 100


Underneath a bridge

Two shots today, both of the same subject, taken on the same day, but with different cameras and film. I’d gone for a day out to visit Gainsborough Old Hall, but stopped off at Retford for a ‘comfort break’ at a Morrison’s supermarket. The store sits beside the River Idle and the riverside foot path is accessible from the car-park (which is also adjacent to the road that is carried by the bridge in the photographs).

FILM - Under the bridge in black and white

Olympus OM-1, F.Zuiko 50mm f/1.8, Rollei Superpan 200

FILM - Beneath

Olympus Trip 35, Kodak Portra 160

(I’ve taken to adding ‘arty-farty’ white borders around my colour shots lately).

Both shots taken on Monday 31 July 2017.