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Snowy path

While this path looks lovely and rural, it actually runs through an industrial estate and has large industrial units on either side. Amazing what a bit of snow can do…

FILM - Snow path

Canon Sure Shot Telemax & Agfa Vista Plus 200 (converted to B&W in Lightroom).

Taken on 21 January 2018

35mm · Film photography · Photography

Feeling dejected

The week before last, the app on my phone had promised sunny conditions. So, looking forwards to some nice, low winter sunshine, I made plans to go out with my camera at the weekend.

Unfortunately, when the Saturday came, the skies outside showed nary a sign of the sun. I was feeling pretty dejected, and considered just staying home and reading, but in the end decided to go out anyway – the app was now showing “light cloud”, so I decided on a trip to Linacre reservoirs, a location not too far away and which I’d not visited before. If nothing else, the walk would be nice, and I could use the visit to recce shots for better conditions.

When I arrived, the “light cloud” had turned to sleet, which further dampened my spirits, and I sat in the car for five minutes considering whether or not to pay for parking, or to just go home. While I did this, I took the following picture from the car window as I liked the look of the chunky tyre in the mud.

In the end, I paid to park and had a very enjoyable walk, and managed to get several nice photos despite the dull and damp weather.

I think the key sometimes (probably ALL times) is to just enjoy things for what they are, and not to get hung up when they’re not the conditions you hoped for.

FILM - All-terrain grip

Olympus OM-1, F.Zuiko 50mm f/1.8 & Ilford HP5+.

Taken on 20 January 2018

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Still water

This is one of those shots that turns out much better than you expected. I took a few shots of the reservoir and reflected trees, but the ones I thought would look best featured some ducks in the middle of the still water. I didn’t really think much about this one until the negatives came back, and it was the best of the bunch.

FILM - At the reservoir

Olympus OM-1, Zuiko 135mm f/3.5 & Ilford HP5+.

Taken on 21 December 2017

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It was slightly awkward taking these photos. The horses were on the other side of a stone wall, but there was only a small length of it accessible to me (the rest was blocked by a hedge), and the section I could get to was at the top of a small, but slippery earth bank, so it was difficult to keep the camera steady.

Still, these have come out nice and sharp – mostly due to the sun making an appearance and allowing a snappier shutter speed.

Unfortunately, the horse at the rear was enjoying its lunch and didn’t move position, and my vantage point was such that it wasn’t possible to take any pictures that didn’t have its head hidden by the backside of its buddy.

FILM - Watch where you stick your head

FILM - Stop giving me that funny look

Olympus OM-1, Zuiko 135mm f/3.5 & Ilford HP5+.

Taken on 21 December 2017

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A muddy walk

To be honest, the day I took this shot was not an ideal one for walking, but at the time I left the house it didn’t seem too bad. It wasn’t blizzard conditions or anything, or even heavy rain, just intermittent wintry showers of sleet.

The main problem was that there was a great deal of surface water around which had turned the footpaths into mud. The path in the shot below wasn’t too bad (although I had to walk with my feet straddling the central stream of meltwater for much of its length), but in some places my feet became completely submerged in mud, and one particular steep uphill gully  – filled with mud, leaves and water, and closely bordered with prickly holly bushes – made for a bit of an ordeal. I also had an incident where I stopped to talk to a lady walking her dog. The dog was a friendly looking thing and so decided it would rear up on its hind legs and plant its very muddy paws on me, leaving me with a large splotch of wet mud atop my thigh.

It was still a nice walk though.

FILM - Footpath or stream?

Olympus OM-1, F.Zuiko 50mm f/1.8 & Ilford HP5+.

Taken on 17 January 2018