Across a muddy field

I don’t think I’m back up to daily posting yet, but here’s an odd shot just to stop the blog going too dry.

FILM - Across the muddy field

Yashica Mat 124 G & Ilford FP4+.

Taken on 25 April 2018


A bit Leica like a

This is a Fed 1 rangefinder that I was given a few months back. It’s a copy of the Leica II. I’m not sure if this one works properly – the shutter seems to fire, but I can’t alter the aperture.

FILM - A bit Leica like a

Yashica Mat 124G, Rolleinar 2 & Ilford FP4+.

Taken on 20 April 2018

Easy like Sunday morning

While I was wandering around Victoria Quays on Sunday morning, wondering where the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride was, I spotted what looked like a nice composition of the wharf area. As I was about to take the picture, this chap (who was with his kids and, I think, also looking for the motorbikes) walked into the shot and I think has improved it by adding a bit of human interest.

The scene brought to mind the old Halifax cashcard advert from the 1980s – this one here:

FILM - Easy like Sunday morning

Yashica Mat 124 G & Kodak Tri-X (Expired December 2006).

Taken on 24 September 2017

A world of colour (in black and white)

I had a day off work yesterday and took a trip out to the nearby Peak District National Park. On the north-eastern edge of the park, close to Sheffield, lies the Longshaw estate, and that was my destination.

I took the Yashica Mat 124 G loaded with a roll of Ektar, and the Nikon F70 with the remains of a roll of Acros 100. I’m a little disappointed with the Ektar shots – a couple at the start of the roll are spoiled by some sort of defect, and the others lack some of the wow factor I was hoping for.

However, I still got several photos I like and, although Ektar’s strength is in it’s richly saturated colour, I decided to throw that all out of the window after deciding many of the shots had a lot more impact in monochrome. I also cropped the third of these to a 6×7 ratio to remove some distracting highlights from the top of the frame.

So, here are three of them.

FILM - Rowan tree

FILM - Little wooden bridge

FILM - The root of the problem

Yashica Mat 124 G & Kodak Extar 100 (converted to black and white in Lightroom).

Taken on 20 September 2017

The empty playground

I spotted this deserted climbing frame the other week when I went to photograph the Humber Bridge (it’s next to the car park, and behind a building that seemed to be deserted – or at least was on the day I was there). It looked kinda forlorn on such a gloomy and drizzly day, but made for a nice shot.

FILM - Climbing frame

Yashica Mat 124 G & Fujifilm Acros 100 (expired 2014)

Taken on 30 August 2017.

A walk with expired Tri-X

A few weeks back, I bought an old camera, some old negatives and slides, and a few rolls of expired 35mm film from a chap at a car-boot sale I visited. As I paid for the stuff, he threw in a roll of 120 format Tri-X as well. The following shots are from that roll (which I shot during a walk on Monday).

I’ve no idea how expired the Tri-X was, but I’m guessing (given the ages of the other films I bought), that it was lat least 20-25 years expired. The backing paper was a green-colour and it was labeled as Tri-X Pan. Given the age, I shot it at 160asa to attempt to compensate, and while there is some additional grain present in some of the shadowed areas, and there were a few streaks of chemical residue that I had to remove in Lightroom, on the whole I’m pretty happy with the results. Especially the shot of the pigeon.

These were taken on the Five Weirs Walk (or the first bit of it, at least) in Sheffield, which follows the River Don through the industrialised east-end of the city.

FILM - Footbridge-2

FILM - Fishing

FILM - Cobweb Bridge

FILM - Fishing-2

FILM - Walk Mill Weir

FILM - Pigeon Street

FILM - Slightly soft ducks

FILM - Zig-zag shadow path

FILM - Partial shade

FILM - Inka!

FILM - Burton Weir

All photos: Yashica Mat 124 G & Kodak Tri-X Pan.

Taken on 28 August 2017.