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Outside The Hepworth

I think I’m suffering from pandemic-induced weight-gain. I spent the first few months of the year cutting back on what I eat and had lost about 15lbs in weight before the lock-down was enforced. I’ve now seen my weight slowly creep back up and it’s now increased by maybe 4lbs.

My lifestyle hasn’t changed significantly since the introduction of the lock-down and, if anything, I’ve been going out for regular walks more frequently than before (although longer hikes have been curtailed). The problem is that I’m eating more, which I suspect is down to some underlying stress and anxiety about the pandemic.

The Hepworth

This is clearly something I need to get a handle on – the thought of those months of dieting being wasted is not something I really want to deal with, so I think I’m going to have to start being properly strict with myself about it from now on.

The Hepworth #2

Today’s photos are of The Hepworth gallery and were made back in March. Not everyone is a fan of the building’s brutalist architecture, but I like it and it offers a lot of possibilities for making photographs.

The Hepworth #3

Canon Sure Shot Supreme & Ilford Delta 400.

Taken on 14 March 2020

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Three views of Chesterfield town hall

Chesterfield town hall is quite an impressive looking building. It sits atop a hill overlooking a small piece of parkland that has been landscaped to provide a good view of the structure’s front facade.

Chesterfield Town Hall

It’s built in a classical style, and was erected in the1930s. It’s very different in style to the town hall building of nearby Sheffield, and a number of other towns and cities through the neigbouring county of South Yorkshire.


The central section of the stucture is formed from a series of columns suporting a triangular roof. I’m not especially knowlegeable about classical architecture, so can’t say exactly what style it’s in, but it’s impressive nonetheless. Caught in good light, the structure casts wonderful, contrasty shadows around the arched entranceways.

Three arches

Minolta SRT 101b, Rokkor 50mm f/1.7 & Ilford HP5+.

Taken on 27 February 2020

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The old Chesterfield Magistrate’s Court

A few months ago I was given a couple of rolls of film by one of the ladies at the local photographic society. Both were Lloyds Pharmacy 200, with an expiry date of 2008. You can’t get much more “drugstore film” than this, I guess. Some research suggests that it is actually Solaris Color FG Plus 200 that has been rebranded.

Both rolls have been sat in my freezer since then, so I decided last week to shoot one of them. Given the age of the film and the fact that I didn’t really know it’s provenance, I decided to rate it at 80ASA and loaded it into my Nikon F70. It turned out to be in a pretty good state, and rating it at 80ASA was probably too much – most of the images are a little overexposed, although I’ve recovered them pretty well in Lightroom. Otherwise, while there are some minor colour shifts, and the shadows are not the best, it’s not too bad. I’ll have much more confidence when I shoot the remaining roll.

I’m always a little wary of putting too much effort into making photographs with expired film, at least unless I’ve already had satisfactory results from a roll from the same batch, and this was very much the case with this roll. Most of the frames were shot on a walk around Chesterfield town centre, and the ones shown in this post are of the old Magistrate’s Court building.

The building was constructed in the early 1960s and was in use until the 2000s when a new building was constructed about half a mile from the old site. Since then the building has fallen into disrepair. As it is Grade II listed, it cannot be demolished, but there are apparently plans afoot to convert it into residential use.

It’s an interesting structure and one I’ve photographed on more than one occasion, so here are a few of the most recent pictures. I think the fourth photo, with the roosting pigeons, is my favourite.

FILM - The old Chesterfield Magistrate's Court building

FILM - The old Chesterfield Magistrate's Court building-2

FILM - The old Chesterfield Magistrate's Court building-3

FILM - The old Chesterfield Magistrate's Court building-4

FILM - The old Chesterfield Magistrate's Court building-5

FILM - The old Chesterfield Magistrate's Court building-6

Nikon F70, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 D & Lloyds Pharmacy 200 (expired).

Taken on 30 September 2019

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250 Vesey Street

This is one of the buildings that make up the World Financial Center area, adjacent to the World Trade Center. I think that this particular building is designated as WFC 1.

I really liked the way the morning light was striking the building, throwing the structure into strong relief.

It’s another shot that shows the Z135’s tendency to vignette noticably at wider angles.

FILM - 250 Vesey Street

Canon Sure Shot Z135  & Kodak Portra 400.

Taken on 25 May 2019

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Freemason’s lodge

I noticed this building when in Wakefield recently. The symbol in the decorative pediment identifies it as a freemason’s lodge and it has attractive features as a building. A tilt-shift lens would be very useful for shots such as these but, alas, I don’t have one (nor can I justify the expense either), so the picture is stuck with the converging verticals.

I’m presuming that a staircase runs from the left to the right of the upper floor to account for the different sized windows,

FILM - Freemason's lodge

Nikon F80, Nikkor 28-80mm f/3.5-5.6 & Arista Edu 200.

Taken on 30 March 2019