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House (and lack of photography) reflected

We have a long weekend here in the UK thanks to the annual spring bank holiday being moved to Thursday (it’s usually on a Monday), plus the extra bank holiday we got yesterday to commemorate the Queen’s platinum jubilee. I’m not particularly fussed about the jubilee stuff but expected that I might use the extra time off work to get some photograpy done. As it stands though, I’ve been feeling pretty uninspired to go out (not helped by the dull weather that we currently have where I live), so have spent the last couple of days just loafing around the house watching TV (mostly Australian Survivor on Amazon Prime – I’m not a fan of reality shows at all, but really enjoy Survivor and The Amazing Race for some reason. It’s just a a shame we can’t see the US version by normal means here in the UK) and playing videogames.

I feel a little guilty for this, but sometimes it’s nice to just veg out and not put any pressure on yourself. I’ve still got enough new photos sat waiting to be published to keep the blog going for at least a couple of weeks of daily posts, plus plenty in the archive in the event I run out (which I don’t expect to), so that impetus is lessened for a while. I had planned on going out today if the sun had shown itself – I had an idea of an area I might photograph – but it will have to wait.

House reflected

Fujica GW690 & Kodak Ektachrome 100 EPP (expired 2003). Lab developed.

Taken on 30 April 2022

3 thoughts on “House (and lack of photography) reflected

  1. I feel you. I got a new TLR and definitely want to go out and test it more, but this weekend doesn’t feel like a “get out and take pictures” weekend (and we’re also having grey weather here too.) Also, I’ve got quite the backlog of photos to upload. When I went out of town last month I shot A LOT of film. I generally upload a roll a day on flickr (sometimes I’ll do two 120 rolls since there’s less), and at that rate I won’t be done until next weekend!

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    1. I know that if I do make myself go out that I could end up getting into the groove and making some nice pictures. But I also know that I might just feel uninspired and make a bunch of so-so images. Given I had plenty of things to occupy me at home, I decided to take the chance that it would have been the latter experience.

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