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Outside The Hepworth

I think I’m suffering from pandemic-induced weight-gain. I spent the first few months of the year cutting back on what I eat and had lost about 15lbs in weight before the lock-down was enforced. I’ve now seen my weight slowly creep back up and it’s now increased by maybe 4lbs.

My lifestyle hasn’t changed significantly since the introduction of the lock-down and, if anything, I’ve been going out for regular walks more frequently than before (although longer hikes have been curtailed). The problem is that I’m eating more, which I suspect is down to some underlying stress and anxiety about the pandemic.

The Hepworth

This is clearly something I need to get a handle on – the thought of those months of dieting being wasted is not something I really want to deal with, so I think I’m going to have to start being properly strict with myself about it from now on.

The Hepworth #2

Today’s photos are of The Hepworth gallery and were made back in March. Not everyone is a fan of the building’s brutalist architecture, but I like it and it offers a lot of possibilities for making photographs.

The Hepworth #3

Canon Sure Shot Supreme & Ilford Delta 400.

Taken on 14 March 2020

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Look up

Today’s photo is of the West Yorkshire History Centre in Wakefield, UK, which I walked past on my way to The Hepworth gallery when visiting the city back in March.

The building stands next to the busy A61 road. It is clad in a series of perforated metal panels and at ground level there are a number of interesting concrete supports next to the entrance. It makes for an interesting photographic subject but, because of its location, unless you use a wide angle lens, it will probably be difficult to frame it in a way that avoids a busy and cluttered background.

However, take a moment to tilt your gaze upwards and the clutter is removed and a stark geometric shape is instead presented.


West Yorkshire History Centre

Canon Sure Shot Supreme & Ilford Delta 400.

Taken on 14 March 2020

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Pandemic scenes #5

Taken about a week-and-a-half before the UK was placed under lock-down, today’s photo is of a local doctor’s sugery. During the winter months this large banner is prominently displayed, encouraging those most vulnerable to seasonal flu to get a vaccination.

The sign has since been removed. I’m not sure if this is because the surgery are no longer offering vaccinations on-premises during the lockdown; if the time for these seasonal flu vaccinations has now passed; or if it’s just to avoid confusion for people who may believe that the vaccine is for Covid-19.

I wonder how long it will be before a sign advertising Covid-19 vaccinations appears?

Pandemic scenes - Pre-pandemic flu shots

Canon Sure Shot Supreme & Ilford Delta 400

Taken on 12 March 2020

Film photography · Medium Format · Photography

A southerly view of a hidden bridge

On Saturday I wrote a little about how there seems to be some sort of landscaping work taking place in the trees and scrubland close to the Trans-Pennine Trail. One of the things that seems to be a part of this is the clearing of undergrowth from an old brick-built bridge. Until a few weeks ago, and despite my having walked past not fifty yards form where it stands, I had been completely unaware of its existence.

Well, I say completely, but there was a clue to it’s existence – a ridge of earth mostly covered with large shrubs and small trees was visible from the nearby footpath. I’d noticed this before and on one occasion even battled part way through a field full of brambles to try and see if it was an overgrown spur of the path or something. However, after getting scratched by the undergrowth, I retreated, the mystery unresolved.

Now, however, a freshly raised fence has become visible, so I decided to take another look. I was pleasantly surprised when I founf the aforementioned bridge. The bridge has a fair bit of graffiti applied, and there’s a significant number of beer cans beneath the central arch, so I’m obviously not the first to come across it (and I doubt the people who erected the fence were the ones to have thrown all the beer cans under there – the fence is way too straight for that! :)).

The bridge is almost certainly a remnant of the coal mining activities that once covered this area, and it would be interesting to dig out an old map of the area to see how he lay of the land was presented in the past. For now though, here’s a view of the bridge looking from the south-west.


Holga 120N & Ilford HP5+ – Ilfotec DD-X 1+4 9mins

Taken on 9 April 2020

Film photography · Medium Format · Photography

Weekend stuff

Today has been a somwhat uneventful day. I haven’t left the house, and the only photography-related activity has been reading my Portraits of America book, reading some blogs, and loading a roll of Fomapan 100 into my Bronica ETRSi (but not, so far at least, making any photographs with it). I did also upload a couple more shots to Flickr from the roll of Hp5+ I developed on Friday, one of which you can see in this post.

Yesterday, while not exactly exciting, was more eventful. My wife needed to pick up some things from the hospital and, as she was unsure if she’d be able to find a parking space outside the ward (and would otherwise have a lengthy walk), asked if I would drive her there. This was a reason for me to both drive the car – something I’ve barely done in over a month – and also, because we took our small car (which has been sat on the drive for weeks), give it a run to get some charge in the battery and get some movement in it’s parts. While hardly the trip of a lifetime, it was nice to be able to venture further from home for once.

Then, yesterday afternoon, I decided to combine a walk with picking up some things my wife had been been unable to buy during the weekly supermarket shop. I decided to get some decent exercise by taking a circuitous route around the area, looping around to the shopping centre, and then back home. At around 3.5 miles it wasn’t a really long walk, but I kept up a brisk pace throughout and got some good fresh air and exercise.

I also had the Sure Shot Telemax in my cargo-pants’ pocket, and managed to finish the roll of Delta 400 that it contained. Just a few snapshots as I walked, but maybe something worth a second look when I get around to developing them. The roll ended rather abruptly at frame #32 because I think the camera’s frame-counter has developed a fault – it sometimes jumps back to a lower number, or (in this case) miscounts how may shots have been taken. It’s done it before, but I don’t think it’s actually lost any images, still producing the expected 36 or 37 photos.

Today’s photo has both railway lines and power lines, and is the sort of composition that the Holga seems to eat up for lunch.


Holga 120N & Ilford HP5+ – Ilfotec DD-X 1+4 9mins

Taken on 9 April 2020

Film photography · Medium Format · Photography

The incinerator across the marsh

One of the routes I sometimes take while out for a walk takes me past an incineration plant. This was built recently and is an EfW (Energy from Waste) facility which produces electricity from the burning on non-hazardous waste. I recall there was considerable uproar when the plant was first proposed – one of the concerns being that nearby residents would suffer from the smell of burning. As it stands, I can’t say that I’ve ever noticed any odours from its operation (although the usual prevailing winds probably blow it away from where we live most of the time anyway).

Across the marsh

It makes for quite an imposing structure, both from the road that runs beside it, and from the marshy area of land that lies across the road to the east. I’ve walked through (or rather around) this area on many occasions as there is a public footpath that skirts the edge. However, on a recent walk, I noticed that there has been some significant work done – both here, and also in the woodland around the nearby Trans-Pennine Trail. There has been some tree felling, but the most noticeable change is the appearance of what seem to be a number of small ponds.

The marshy area used to be a large, open reed bed, but now has a number of more clearly defined ponds with footpaths snaking amongst them. My assumption is that this is some sort of improvement programme intended to aid wildlife and also make for more pleasant and interesting walking activities. I’ve not seen anything official to back up this theory though.

Today’s photos show both the marshy area and the looming incinerator and are from the first roll of 120 film I’ve home developed. I’m pretty pleased with the results.

A new path through new ponds

Holga 120N & Ilford HP5+ – Ilfotec DD-X 1+4 9mins

Taken on 9 April 2020

35mm · Film photography · Photography

Routine stuff

A long day at work today so we decided to have takeaway for tea – the plan was to get pizzas delivered, but the local pizza shop has closed for the time being apparently, so I ended up going out for fish and chips. Because of social distancing, the queue stretched from the doorway of the shop (where the staff are taking payment and handing over your order) right around the corner with everyone spaced out at sensible intervals. I was stood queueing for at least twenty minutes.

After eating, I had just enought time to clear away my film developing stuff (I developed a roll of HP5+ at lunchtime and after washing the equipment, I left it to dry on the sink drainer), and then grab a quick shower before calling our eldest, who lives in a different part of the country now.

Apologies that this is somewhat concise, but I’m tired and want to just hit the sofa and veg out. 🙂

Today’s picture is of a corner house that I passed while out exercising a week or so back. It’s a bit of a mundane scen, but the way it was lit and arranged called out to me, so I made a photograph.

House on a corner

Canon Sure Shot Telemax & Ilford Delta 400 – Ilfotec DD-X 1+4 9mins

Taken on 12 April 2020

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Passing the signal box again

When your movements are limited, as they are during the coronavirus lock-down, you find yourself passing the same places more often than you usually would.

While there are undoubtedly plenty of alternative routes I can take while out exercising, even giving the restricted radius I can stay within on foot, I’ve found myself passing the signal box and level crossing at Beighton Station a number of times in the past week or two. It was only a little over a month ago that I last posted a photograph of the same location in fact.

Perhaps this weekend, when I’ll hopefully have a little more time to spare, I might allow myself a longer walk and venture someplace different for a change.


Beighton Station

Today marked the first time that I’ve loaded a roll of 120 film into my developing tank. Mt previous experience consists only of the tow 35mm rolls I’ve loaded and developed (and a few tests with a sacrificial 35mm roll). While both of those produced successful outcomes (today’s photos amongst them), loading the film onto the spirals was not straightforward, with both rolls requiring several attempts in the changing bag.

With that in mind, I was expecting the roll of 120 HP5+ to be a bit of a headache given its broader width and potential to flex more, but I needn’t have worried. It loaded easily and the whole task took me about 5 minutes from putting my hands in the bag. Of course I’ve yet to develop the film, so I maybe shouldn’t count my chickens just yet, but all being well, I’m pretty happy with how it went.

I’ve also changed the blog theme today. I think the new one has slightly larger images as standard, which is good. I’ll see how it goes though, and I might change it back if I decide I’m not keen.


Beighton Station closer

Canon Sure Shot Telemax & Ilford Delta 400 – Ilfotec DD-X 1+4 9mins

Taken on 12 April 2020

35mm · Film photography · Photography

Pandemic scenes #4

One of the things I’ve heard mentioned on more than one occasion since this whole thing started – and particularly since the lock-down began – is that this feels like something from an apocalyptic movie.

In many regards though, things are much the same as normal – especially for someone like myself, who worked from home before this started anyway – the spring weather is nice, the air is clear and, if you venture outside, every day feels like you’ve gotten up early before anyone else is out and about, such is the reduction in traffic and pedestrains. It’s quite pleasant really.

And then you see the signs.

Affixed to cemetery gates, and on the noticeboard at the local park.

“STAY AT HOME” they proclaim. Adherence is a requirement to “protect the NHS and save lives”.

And the seriousness of the situation is re-cemented in the forefront of your mind.

Pandemic scenes - Playgrounds closed


Stay safe and keep well everyone.

Canon Sure Shot Telemax & Ilford Delta 400 – Ilfotec DD-X 1+4 9mins

Taken on 11 & 12 April 2020

35mm · Film photography · Photography


I’ve taken a LOT more images around the house since the lock-down began. Some work, some don’t – and I’ve got a whole bunch of colour shots that haven’t even been sent for developing yet, so who knows how those will turn out? Hopefully not too far from how I envisaged them through the viewfinder but, again, who knows? I’ll just have to wait and see.

Standard lamp

Today’s photo of the standard lamp is one of three I made one evening a couple of weeks back when the urge came upon me. The effects of the lamps in the living room on various ornaments and parts of the room appealed. Sadly, the Sure Shot that was loaded with film at the time perhaps wasn’t the right tool for the job – even mounted on a tripod and using the self-timer, it struggled to make focus on two of the images. I’ve included both of those here too – they’re out-of-focus but hopefully you can see my intent (plus, despite the focus being out, I do kinda like the shot of the aerial socket and the cable shadows).


Canon Sure Shot Telemax & Ilford Delta 400 – Ilfotec DD-X 1+4 9mins

Taken on 4 April 2020