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A skeletal tree before lockdown #2

As I type this the country is awaiting a briefing from the Prime Minister where he is expected (based on a leak earlier in the day) to announce a new national lockdown to combat the escalating rates of Covid-19 infections. It’s expected to last a month at least.

While I don’t know the details yet, it’s possible that any photography may one again be limited to photos I can make while out taking exercise. Not ideal for the point of view of my passtime, but fully acceptable if it helps slow the spread of the disease (although I’d prefer we hadn’t gotten back into this state in the first place).

The location of today’s photo is within excercise distance, so maybe I’ll make more photos of this individual subject if wider travel is prohibited.


Olympus OM-2n, Zuiko Auto-S 50mm f/1.8 & Ilford HP5+. Ilfotec DD-X 1+4 9mins @ 20°.

Taken on 18 September 2020

7 thoughts on “A skeletal tree before lockdown #2

  1. Through the first lockdown, during my local exercise, I decided to do a series of photographs featuring the same tree at sunsise. It meant I didn’t see anyone so it felt safe and also meant I enjoyed a lot of sunrises and the dawn chorus. You may not wish to do the same but perhaps the latest lockdown is time for some kind of series that you might otherwise not have considered? I also did a series of bus stops at night – again when few people were around so it felt safe.
    If you missed my same tree sunrise photographs they are on the link below…
    Best wishes and keep safe through these unsettling times…


  2. love the tree. I’ve shot many like it.

    We’ve been moving around a bit too much in the States. I’m afraid our President won’t lock us down and we will be finding out soon how bad it can be.


    1. Thanks.

      The figures for infections in the US look frighteningly high. They’re climbing rapidly here too, even with the restrictions we’ve had in place, and I think the usual rise in hospitalisations from other seasonal illnesses are only going to exacerbate the situations sadly.

      We’re now going into a new nationwide lockdown from Thursday (unless Parliament vote against it – which is unlikely). It’s scheduled to last a month, but I suspect it may stay in force for longer than that.


    1. Likewise – make sure to keep safe.

      I’m not sure exactly what restrictions have been placed with regards to photography. Obviously nothing specific was said about photography itself, but it was said that leaving the house for excercise and outdoor activity for unlimited time was allowed. Presumably photography will fall into the latter category (plus I can combine it with exercise). I’m not sure if it means being restricted to places I can get to on foot though.


      1. Thanks. Well, here you can come out to exercise/walk for an hour within a Kilometer of your place so I’ll be doing that with a camera in hand for sure! Hope you’ll be able to as well!

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