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Building something new and unfamiliar

There always seems to be construction taking place in Sheffield, much of it seemingly either extensions to the university, or accommodation for the students. I don’t know what the subject of today’s photograph will be (and it might not be anything to do with the university at all), but it wll change the skyline and feel of the place in some new and previously un-experinced way.

Yesterday, when returning to my car after a rail journey, I looked down one road only to realise that another new building had now changed the look of the street completely. Where once the road curved away with low-rise buildings and a view of the sky, now these low-rises have a much larger and taller building rearing up behind them. I think it will make for an interesting picture, especially in its current partially-constructed state, so I will try and get down there with my camera soon,

This same feeling of change, where much travelled routes now feel strangely unfamilliar, is becoming much more commonplace. I wonder if this is just because of the pace of change, or perhaps the fact thatt I’m getting older and the new is becoming overlaid upon my memories of the old?

Whatever the case, this sunny day picture shot on Portra 800 (over-exposed a stop to 400asa) looks rather nice. The bright sunny conditions could have something (probably a lot) to do with this, but I much prefer how the film looks in these conditions than how it performed shot at box speed on an overcast day.

There's always something going up

Olympus 35 RC & Kodak Portra 800 (shot at 400asa). Lab developed. Home scanned and converted with Negative Lab Pro.

Taken on 10 August 2022


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