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More photos from the steam rally

Rather than upload these one-per-day, as I usually do, I thought I’d lump them together in a single post. All were shot with my Yashicamat 124G on Shanghai GP3 film – I like this film a lot. It can occasionally suffer from production problems (I’ve had the backing bleed through on some shots I once took), but it’s quite low cost and produces really nice results.

First, a few pictures of vintage vehicles. The Ford Popular in the second image can also be seen here in colour.

British and Japanese
Land Rover

Then a couple of miniature traction engines (and their owners)…

Lady Jennifer

And finally, a trio of full size traction engines…

Working on the wheel

Yashicamat 124G & Shangha GP3. Ilfotec DD-X 1+4 10mins @ 24°.

Taken on 25 June 2022

3 thoughts on “More photos from the steam rally

  1. I wonder how the owners of these vehicles will operate once the world has switched to electric cars, the petrol stations are shuttered, and gasoline becomes as scarce as buggy whips.


    1. I expect it will be quite some time before fossil fuels become scarce and difficult to find. While there are targets to cut the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles, I don’t think any of them outlaw the use of existing vehicles using these fuels, so they’ll be around for some time yet. After that it will probably become a niche and expensive product for those willing to pay the price. I expect that these vintage vehicles will need to be transported to displays by electric vehicles, or (while probably not the choice of purists) retrofitted with electric motors.

      The amusing thing is that surviving vehicles much older than these cars and trucks can still function perfectly well as long as you have horses. 🙂


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