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Seaside art (and back to work)

I’m back at work tomorrow after a week and two days of leave. The decorating is almost complete now – just the kitchen to finish off and a few odds-and-sods to tidy up. Tomorow will likely be the decorator’s last day here. For anyone wondering at the ostentatiousness of us having a decorator, the simple reason for this is that I’m terrible at this stuff. We learnt early on in our home-owning journey that paying a professional to do this stuff would produce far better results. It oviously has its downside in terms of expense, but I’d much prefer the end result to look good than to save a bit of money and have it look shabby.

The end result of the last week has been that I could really do with another week off just to recover – I’m exhausted. Apart from all the maneouvering of furniture from room to room, dismatling and re-assembling beds and so forth, we’ve also been getting up at 7am every morning for the past two weeks to get everything ready before the decorator, carpet fitters, kitchen fitters etc. arrived. The only day where I had any time to myself really was yesterday, when I managed to get pretty much the full day to myself (I went out and made some photographs, and thens saw Dune at the cinema – great movie BTW, amazing visuals!). Despite that, I’m still exhausted and not really looking forward to being back at work. I do tend to find what I do for a living interesting and fullfilling though, so that will ease things a little.

So, a bit of a waffle today, but the picture below features some pictures that other people have painted, so there’s a slim connection with my decorating tale I suppose.

Oh my I’m so tired
I could sleep for a whole week
If given the chance

Art and shelter

Canon Sure Shot Z135 & Lomography Xpro Chrome 100 (expired 2012)

Taken on 16 September 2021

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