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Christmas is over
The decorations are down
For another year

My haiku’s have made it to day two! I’m not sure exactly what topics I’ll cover with each – maybe an alignment with the rest of the day’s post but, more likely I suspect, as a kind of poetic journal refelecting something that has happened in my life or the world each day.

As you may guess from today’s, we took down our Christmas decorations this morning. This used to be a pretty depressing activity for me in the past as I would feel pretty down about the holiday period being officially over. In recent years though it seems to be affecting me less. I wonder if it’s because, as my children grow older, Christmas has changed. The magic of Father Christmas delivering presents is a thing of the past (at least until such a point as we become grandparents I suppose), and it doesn’t feel the same as when the boys were little. Plus, the way that time seems to fly by as a get older, it will be Christmas again in about five minutes …

Today’s photo is another made on the moors above Lady Canning’s Plantation next to a small cluster of rock outcrops known as The Ox Stones. I’m not sure where the name comes from, but there used to be an Inn known as Oxdale Lodge nearby, so perhaps livestock were grazed, or moved through the land by drovers?

From this angle, the stone has a face. A rock-face. 🙂


Fujica GW690 & Fomapan 400. Ilfotec DD-X 1+9 12mins @ 20°.

Taken on 23 December 2020

5 thoughts on “Stonefaced

  1. I was going to try and leave our Christmas tree until January 20th (the presidential inauguration) but it looks like it’s going out the door this afternoon because we’re having a cleaning frenzy, sorting the boys’ rooms. This time of year is really gloomy and it’s nice to have the light back that the tree has been mostly blocking for the past several weeks.

    The Ox Stones are a neat formation, i like this. Is your part of the countryside more rugged than down south? This reminds me of a high plateau or escarpment. I was looking at wintertime pictures of Scotland recently and was flabbergasted how formidable and mountainous the terrain was. How far north do you have to travel before things start to change a lot?


    1. Thanks Yuri. I’m sure the rock has a number of other faces when viewed from different angles – the grooves run all the way around, so there will be a whole bunch of face-like sections.


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