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I can’t hear the word “underpass” without it bringing the sound of John Foxx’s 1980 electronic classic song of the same name – although I still always have a childish urge to switch the chorus to “Underpants!” :).

I’m really happy with how this shot turned out. Again, the vignetting has added some grit to an already nicely gritty scene. I’d just walked beneath the underpass myself and was out the other side when I saw someone going the other way. So I about-turned and grabbed a picture of their silouhetted form as they reached the light at the far side of the tunnel. The 35mm lens focuses pretty slowly for some reason on the F80 so the figure isn’t totally sharp, but I don’t think it matters at all in this picture.

Figures pass below
Under the traffic above
Echoes of John Foxx


Nikon F80, Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G DX & Ilford HP5+. Ilfotec DD-X 1+4 9mins @ 20°.

Taken on 24 July 2021

35mm · Film photography · Photography

Under the rainbow?

This is a location I’ve photographed a number of times – it’ss part of the network of pedestrian tunnels below London St. Pancras and King’s Cross stations in London. All my previous shots (apart from one I took on my phone) have been in black and white, as that was always the film choice I had with me when passing, but this time the camera I had with me was packing a roll of Kodak Colorplus.

Despite the colours, it’s still a location that works well in monochrome thanks to the contrasty lines and shapes, but the rainbow hues of the lighting make colour very worthwhile too.

I can imagine people passing through here on their way to Westworld. 🙂

FILM - The future road to Oz

Pentax Espio 140M & Kodak Colorplus.

Taken on 10 July 2019