Hope you’re home soon

Our cat went missing last night after I inadvertently left the garden gate open. He’s old, deaf, and mostly blind so I’m pretty worried about him. Someone has been in touch to say they saw him last night and gave me the location, but there’s no sign of him there now and I don’t know where he is at present. I’m hoping he’s just laid low somewhere and that we’ll get him home safe soon – I leafleted all the houses in the area he was last seen. 😦

UPDATE: We’ve found him! My wife spotted him drinking puddle water in someone’s garden (on a street I wouldn’t have expected him to be). Very happy now. 🙂


FILM - He always has to lay on something

Olympus OM-1, F Zuiko 50mm f/1.8 & Rollei Retro 400s.

Taken Early 2017.


Oddshots #3

This has come rather closer to the last Oddshots posting than I expected, but as I haven’t gotten around to writing about the roll of Ektar I shot on Tuesday as yet, I thought I’d drop this in to keep up the flow of posts (I promised myself I would update the blog at least once a week, but seem to have gotten into a faster pace, so I may as well keep it up while I have stuff to show).

So, today’s oddshot was taken back in January this year with my Olympus OM-1. I’d bought a roll of Rollei Retro 400s film after being impressed by the results I’d seen produced by other people, so I loaded it up and off I went on a somewhat misty and gloomy winter’s day. What I’d not considered however, was the double whammy facts that, 1) Rollei Retro 400s is better shot at 200 ASA rather than box speed (at least according to most of the reports I looked at after I’d shot my roll) and, 2) that my OM-1 meter was out by about a stop due to it containing a 1.5v battery rather than the 1.35v it was expecting. I thought I was compensating for this by the meter needle placement, but I was clearly out by some margin (I’ve since had the camera modified to meter correctly with a 1.5v cell). The result of this was that the entire roll came out pretty significantly underexposed.

While some of the shots were write-offs, thanks to film being film, I was still able to rescue a good percentage of the photos. They’re all still underexposed, but in a way that I wasn’t unhappy with, and which rather suited the murky day on which they were shot. The picture below is an example of this. While’s it’s pretty dark, I really think that it’s added some atmosphere that might otherwise not have been there and resulted in a photo I like a lot. I’ll maybe post others from the same set in future.

FILM - On bleak winter days