New and old

Today’s photo was taken on the day we visited the WTC Memorial Museum. I can’t remember if I took it while we waited in the queue for entry to the museum, or if it was taken later in the day after I’d been to the top of One World Trade Center and we were walking back to the subway. It’s probably the former, or at least earlier in the day as (as I type this) I recall that storm clouds had begun to cover the sky before we left the WTC district. These same clouds resulted in the downpour that trapped us at Grand Central Terminal, during which I took the photo that I posted here on 15 June.

FILM - New and old

Canon Sure Shot Z135  & Kodak Portra 400.

Taken on 26 May 2019


Grovsenor House

This is a side entrance to the HSBC building in Sheffield. It’s a new structure that hasn’t yet been occupied which stands on the site of the old Grovsenor House hotel which was demolished a couple of years ago.

FILM - Grosvenor House

Yashica Mat 124 G & Kodak Ektar.

Taken on 25 April 2019