You Only Get an OO with Typhoo!

I noticed this box of teabags hiding behind an obsure-glass window at the weekend. The red of the frame and tea box contrasted nicely with the greenish out-of-focus objects further back in the room.

FILM - Tea-time

Olympus Superzoom 105 G & Agfa Vista Plus 200.

Taken on 19 November 2017


An English country garden

Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire.

FILM - In an English country garden

Olympus Superzoom 105 G & Agfa Vista Plus 200.

Taken on 17 October 2017

Electric elephant

Another snap, this time in my house, where I liked the light falling on this elephant-shaped watering can. Shot with my £2 Olympus Superzoom 105 G compact.

FILM - Electric elephant

Olympus Superzoom 105 G & Fomapan 100

Taken in April 2017 (not sure of the exact date for this one, sorry).

Looking at it from different points of view

A couple of photos taken earlier this year when I had to attend a course in Manchester. As I had a little time each morning after getting off the train, I would wander the streets and take a few pictures with the camera I had with me (an Olympus Superzoom 105 G compact in this case). These are both of the same street, but from the opposite ends.

FILM - Backwhacks

Olympus Superzoom 105 G, Fomapan 100

FILM - Backwhacks

Olympus Superzoom 105 G, Fomapan 100


Oddshots #2

Another of the occasional posts featuring a single shot, which I’m posting today primarily because I wanted to keep the flow of posts going on the blog, but haven’t yet gotten around to sorting out the pictures from the roll of Ektar I shot yesterday.

So, here’s a random shot from a while back. It was taken in Manchester while I was attending a training course, and as I was early on this particular day, I decided to take a circuitous route to the building where the course was being held. During the walk I spotted this little scene. It was the bicycle chained to the parking meter that drew my eye, but as I composed the shot I noticed the mini parked further up the street and made sure I included it in the frame, and I think the double-yellow (or grey in this case) lines lead you up to it and then to the distant tower of the crown court building.

The two people add a dash of interest. It’s a shot that I think will age nicely as, although the parking meter and Mini are contemporary to now, they’ll look pleasantly old-fashioned a few decades hence.

The camera used to take the shot was my cheapo Olympus Superzoom 105 G loaded with Fomapan 100. It’s not the sharpest of cameras, but it’s a very handy size and shape to just throw in a coat pocket when I’m out and about and, although I’ve not used it since finishing the roll of Fomapan, I can see myself picking it up again in future for similar trips out. The main downside I found was that the flash is automatically triggered in low light unless you first disable it, and I got at least a couple of unexpected flash bursts that I wasn’t expecting.

FILM - Bicycle