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At Farringdon Street

A trio of shots taken after getting off the tube at Farrindon Street last week.

FILM - Eastbound train

You know what they say about checking your frame to make sure (amongst other things) that people don’t have objects sticking out of their heads? Well guess who ignored that…

FILM - Waiting

The guy in the body-warmer in the middle distance looks like he’s staring right at me, but upon closer glance he’s actually looking off to his right.

FILM - Farringdon

Olympus OM-1, F.Zuiko 50mm f/1.8 & Ilford HP5+ (@1600).

Taken on 19 February 2020

35mm · Film photography · Photography

Under the rainbow?

This is a location I’ve photographed a number of times – it’ss part of the network of pedestrian tunnels below London St. Pancras and King’s Cross stations in London. All my previous shots (apart from one I took on my phone) have been in black and white, as that was always the film choice I had with me when passing, but this time the camera I had with me was packing a roll of Kodak Colorplus.

Despite the colours, it’s still a location that works well in monochrome thanks to the contrasty lines and shapes, but the rainbow hues of the lighting make colour very worthwhile too.

I can imagine people passing through here on their way to Westworld. 🙂

FILM - The future road to Oz

Pentax Espio 140M & Kodak Colorplus.

Taken on 10 July 2019

35mm · Film photography · Photography


This group of people on the Tube in London caught my eye and I decided to take a quick candid. The Sure Shot Telemax isn’t the quietest of cameras and makes a quite audible camera noise as the motor winds the film on, but I took the chance of getting the shot. As the camera’s frame counter seems to be on the fritz a little, I was unaware that this was actually the last frame on the roll, so itnstead of a single, quick motor noise, I instead got about 10-15 seconds of loud motor noise as the film automatically rewound! No-one seemed to notice though.

FILM - Commuting

Canon Sure Shot Telemax & Ilford XP2.

Taken on 17 April 2019