I thought I’d dig something older out of the pile today, so here’s a shot taken on a trip to liverpool in late 2016. I was with my wife, so it wasn’t a photography outing, and on those occasions I feel a little guilty about taking my time over shots, so a lot of them are taken on the fly and grabbed when I can, as was the case here. There’s undoubtedly a better shot to be had of this location, but I’m not too unhappy about this.

FILM - This is the way to the top

Olympus 35 RC & Kodak Tmax 400

Taken 29 October 2016


Silver birch

Taken a couple of weeks ago in the Peak District National Park, close to Over Owler Tor.

FILM - Birch trees

Pentax P30T, Rikenon 50mm f/2 & polariser & Kodak Tmax 400.

Taken on 7 February 2018


I’m a sucker for photos like this one. It’s a mundane subject, but the tones and depth of field are really nice. I love the way the barbed wire fades in and out of focus as it enters an leaves the shot.

FILM - Trident

Pentax P30T, Rikenon 50mm f/2 & Kodak Tmax 400.

Taken on 7 February 2018