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I think the flag really makes this picture. Without it it would have been much of a muchness, especially with the uninspiring sky.

Fly the Stars and Stripes
From a Jeep in a green field
Wartime memories


Olympus XA3 & Ilford HP5+. Ilfotec DD-X 1+4 9mins @ 20°

Taken on 4 September 2021

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After the parade has gone

An impromptu image for today’s post. A few weeks ago when the local signalbox was being demolished, my wife and I walked down to see what was going on – it would have been the last day the box was standing and I wanted to get some farewell photos in case I wasn’t able to withness its removal the following day. On the way there I glanced upwards and saw this forlorn strand of bunting hanging from some lights, probably left over from the last local community fun-day which takes place in the summer (but which didn’t happen last year due to Covid, and which similarly won’t take place this year either). I liked the way it looked against the blue sky and high-altitude clouds.

Dangling from above
Lone triangle of colour
A Fun-day remnant

After the parade

Canon Sure Shot Supreme & Kodak Colorplus.

Taken on 13 March 2021

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Oddly appealing

Sometimes I make photographs that I like for obvious reasons. Maybe it’s the composition, the light, the subject, place or whatever. Sometimes though, I make a photograph that I like for reasons that I can’t quite put my finger on. Obviously there must have been something about the scene that caused me to take the image in the first place – these aren’t just random, shot from the hip accidents.

Todays photo is one such picture. I like it a lot but can’t put my finger on the precise reason(s) why. I guess it could be the way the scene is lit – there are plenty of shadows in the scene, but they’ve been lent a subtlety by the white painted gable-end of the house acting as a giant reflector and this has created some nice lighting. Maybe it’s the colours – it’s got a bit of that blue and orange thing going on, which is nice. The composition is ok – the tree in the background is nicely placed and the green pops in the scene. Or maybe it’s just little details – the satellite dish, the plants in the window, the garden shed with the barely-visible bins in front of it, or the flag.

Or maybe it’s just a combination of all these things that appeal specifically to me and my brain just said “Yep! That’s a nice photo!” and so I clicked the shutter.

It’s one of those images that I suspect many others won’t really take to, but it fires some circuits in me, and I’m even wondering what it would look like as a print.

FILM - White gable

Olympus 35 RC & Kodak Portra 400.

Taken on 13 September 2019

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Ok, so you’d be unlikely to see The Hoff or Pamela Anderson here in Scarborough, even twenty-five years ago, but it’s all the same thing really, isn’t it? Well, maybe without the L.A. glamour, hot weather, and crime-fighting shenanigans.

FILM - Baywatch

Pentax Espio 140M & Fuji Superia 100 (expired 2008).

Taken on 13 July 2019

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Stars & Stripes

At the eastern end of the Occulus transport hub / shopping mall atrium at the World Trade Center hangs this large US flag. At first I wondered if it was back to front, but on looking it up I learned that this is the correct way for it to be hung in a vertical orientation. My knowledge of the world has expanded a little.

I took many photos in the Occulus, both on film and digital, and it’s a very photogenic place. It is also surprisingly difficult to get pleasing photos of people in the atrium as it’s tricky to get the composition and placement of individuals just how you want them before someone walks in or out of the frame, breaking the harmony of the shot.

FILM - Stars and Stripes

Canon Sure Shot Z135  & Kodak Portra 400.

Taken on 26 May 2019