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Over the fields

Have I posted a photo of some power-lines recently? I’m pretty sure I must have – because I post pictures of them all the time!

Well here’s another one – this is the FINAL pre-lockdown photo I took, the last frame on the roll.

It’s the same field where I took the shots I posted here, back in November of last year.

Over the fields

Yashica Mat 124G & Kodak Plus-X (expired 2008).

Taken on 22 March 2020

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Flooded field

I mentioned in yesterday’s post about my trip out to photograph the saturated fields that have resulted from the recent period of heavy rainfall, and here’s a picture of one of them. I have a number of others that I hope to post soon, but as my job has involved a trip across the country, I’m tired, so it’ll be a somewhat truncated piece today.

FILM - Floodlands

Holga 120N and Kodak Tmax 400 (expired).

Taken on 9 November 2019

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A path through the barley

When thinking of a title for the picture shown today, I was forced to find the answer to that age-old question that has puzzled our species for so long: Is it wheat, or is it barley?

Turns out it’s barley. The main visual differentiator, so I’ve learned today, is that barley has a long beard (the bristles that protect the kernels). So there you have it.

Anyway, here’s a photo of some wheat barley.

FILM - A path through the barley

Bronica ETRSi, Zenzanon 75mm f/2.8 PE & Ilford HP5+.

Taken on 20 July 2019

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Leading lines and power lines

Or is it “lead-in” lines? Or does it matter, both seem to be correct anyway?

This was taken while out on a walk about a year ago and has just been re-scanned on my Plustek 8100. The colours look far better and much more natural now, as does the sharpness of the image (albeit the focus is more on the barley than the distant pylons).

Anyway, it’s quite a nice image, I think.

FILM - Pylon fields

Canon Sure Shot Telemax & Agfa Vista Plus 200.

Taken in April 2018 (I think!)

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After a fruitless walk

This photo was taken a stones throw from the one in yesterday’s post (I was stood beside the house in this picture when I took that one).

I’d intended to follow some of the footpaths and go on a nice walk, but it was quickly curtailed when, at the bottom of the hill where I took this shot, it became apparent that the route was impassable thanks to field covered in about 8 inches of wet mud churned up by tractors. Maybe if I’d been wearing wellies I’d have given it a try, but not with the shoes I had on sadly. So I walked back up the hill and took this on the way.

FILM - Journey's end

Zeiss Mess-Ikonta & Kodak Tri-X (expired 2013).

Taken on 25 January 2018