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Tracks past the power station

Another photograph from near West Burton power station. This is a shot I’ve thought of making for quite some time and have looked at the location on Google Streetview to get an idea of the view. Unfortunately, Google uses super wide-angle lenses on it’s Streetview vehicles which makes it a little difficult to ascertaing what the view might be through a longer lens, and all I had with me on the day was my Zeiss Mess-Ikonta and Canon Sure Shot Supreme – both of which have fixed focal length lenses, with the Supreme’s 38mm being the widest.

Still, this opportunity arose mostly because this location is pretty close to North Leverton windmill, which had been my primary location for the trip, so I’ll chalk this up to a first attempt and will hopefully get out there again at some point to have another attempt, probably with a zoom lens to afford me some additional flexibility.

All things considered though, I like this quite a lot. My original thought was to have the cooling towers fully visible, but their hidden, but looming presence works well.


Canon Sure Shot Supreme & Ilford HP5+. Ilfotec DD-X 1+4 7 mins 45 secs @ 22.5°.

Taken on 25 July 2020

35mm · Film photography · Photography

Evocations of a journey #1

Last year, Postcard Cafe, a blog I follow, posted a number of pieces featuring photographs made on train journeys. The first of these I came across was a post titled “Jumping someone else’s train” and I commented on their post how I liked the idea and that I might borrow it at some point.

Today’s post is the first attempt at doing something along similar lines (badum-tish!).

If I’m to be critical, then Postcard Cafe’s posts are much better than my attempt here, but I’ll admit to making life more difficult for myself by a) using a compact film camera that struggled with camera shake, and b) attempting to fit picture making in around some work I had to do on the train, thereby probably missing some opportunities (plus I had a window-frame next to my seat, which limited my field of view somewhat too). Anyway, enough with my excuses and on to the photos.

For the purposes of this post, I’ve limited my photos to ones taken station-to-station. I shall also leave them without narrative, and just let them tell whatever story you see fit to make up. They are in chronological order though, both outbound and homeward.

FILM - Trip #1FILM - Trip #1-2FILM - Everone's in a hurry these daysFILM - Trip #1-3FILM - Knocking out a tuneFILM - Trip #1-4FILM - DepartureFILM - Gasometer livingFILM - Trip #1-5FILM - Trip #1-6

Pentax Espio 140M & Kentmere 400.

Taken on 15 January 2020