See you later ol’ fella

We had to say goodbye to our cat, Luigi, last night. He was 19 years old, so had enjoyed a pretty long life for a moggy, but his health had been failing over recent years. He was pretty much totally blind and deaf, and was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure last year. He’s been on a special renal diet and daily blood pressure medication for the past few months but over recent weeks had started to lose a lot of weight and suffer from stomach upsets.

We took him to the vets yesterday probably expecting the worse, but also hoping for the best, but the diagnosis was that he had contracted a secondary digestive illness, possibly IBS or lymphoma. While steroids can be given to help relieve these, this isn’t possible for a cat with renal problems, so there was nothing to be done.

We love him very much, but didn’t want him to suffer, so agreed with the vet that it was time to say goodbye.

Farewell old buddy, we have so many happy memories of you. You were loved and will be missed so very much. 😦

FILM - Old fella

Nikon F70, Nikkor 28-80mm f/3.5-5.6 D & Kodak Tmax P3200.

Taken January 2019


Hope you’re home soon

Our cat went missing last night after I inadvertently left the garden gate open. He’s old, deaf, and mostly blind so I’m pretty worried about him. Someone has been in touch to say they saw him last night and gave me the location, but there’s no sign of him there now and I don’t know where he is at present. I’m hoping he’s just laid low somewhere and that we’ll get him home safe soon – I leafleted all the houses in the area he was last seen. 😦

UPDATE: We’ve found him! My wife spotted him drinking puddle water in someone’s garden (on a street I wouldn’t have expected him to be). Very happy now. 🙂


FILM - He always has to lay on something

Olympus OM-1, F Zuiko 50mm f/1.8 & Rollei Retro 400s.

Taken Early 2017.