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A nice pub for nice people

Depite many, many pub closures in recent years (well, recent decades actually) there are still some that have been around as long as I remember. This pub, The Big Gun, is situated on The Wicker just at the edge of Sheffield city centre.

It’s seems it’s always been there, but I’ve never been inside – I know it mainly by the fact that the bus I used to catch into town when I still lived with my parents (and the first home I lived in when I left) drove down The Wicker on the outbound and return journeys, so pubs, shops and other things (not just on this street, but along the whole route) became imprinted on my mind over the course of thousands of separate trips.

A nice pub for nice people

Canon Sure Shot Supreme & Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400. Lab Developed. Home scanned and converted with Negative Lab Pro.

Taken 5 February 2023.


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