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Riverside path and frustrating weather

I returned to work today following a week-and-a-day’s leave. The whole week I was off, the weather was dull and overcast, which kinda spoiled the days of photography I’d hoped for. I still went out and took pictures, but I knew the light was poor and they wouldn’t be what I might have hoped for.

Today, back at work and unable to venture out to take pictures, the weather has been lovely all day. Blue skies with smatterings of cumulus clouds and nice light. Sometimes it feels like I am being punished…

Here’s one of the pictures from last week, took while walking alongside the River Derwent in the Peak District near Calver.


Chroma 4×5. Fujinon NW 135mm f/5.6 & Fomapan 100. Fomadon R09 1+50 9 mins @ 20°

Taken 3 March 2023.


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