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Sheffield old town hall

The Old Town Hall in Sheffield dates back to the early 19th century, although there were other buildings serving the purpose before then. This building served as the home of the town trustees until the council (which was formed in 1843) took over the lease in 1866. A year leter the clock tower was added to the building as part or extensive renovations.

By the 1890s the council had outgrown the building and moved to the current town hall building on Pinstone Street. The old town hall then housed the local crown court and high court, where they stayed until 1995. The building became Grade II Listed in 1973.

The building has remained disused since this date and, despite a number of planned uses for the site being proposed, none of these have yet come to fruition. The latest plans are to convert the building into a mixture of apartments, hotel rooms, shops, and cafes.

The old town hall

Bronica ETRSi, Zenzanon 50mm f/2.8 MC & Fujifilm Pro 400H. Lab developed. Home scanned and and converted using Negative Lab Pro.

Taken on 5 February 2023.


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