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Winter chill

The photo published here today is the only decent photo from the roll of Kodak Gold I shot recently that still looks good in colour. All the others had colour casts and I had to convert them to black and white. This one managed to avoid the weird colours. The colour here is quite subtle but I think it still adds something to the image.

Winter's chill

Fujica GW690 & Kodak Gold . Lab developed. Home scanned and and converted using Negative Lab Pro.

Taken on 21 January 2023.


4 thoughts on “Winter chill

    1. Thanks Khürt. That’s what I found. I’d have preferred to keep them as colour, but it’s been beyond my current attempts to make them look right, so the B&W conversion was a good alternative. Some of the shots just didn’t work in monochrome though.

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  1. Hello! Love the subtle colour – reminds me of the work of Richard Misrach. I find in my case I tend to either like full on colour (Ektar like) or very subtle, I’m not sure if it depends on the subject or my mood that day!! Cheers Andy

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    1. Thanks. And thanks for mentioning Richard Misrach – another photographer’s work I can seek out.

      I tried converting this shot to black and white, but I think it needs that hint of colour to really work well.


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