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Decaying leaves

This is one of those posts where I present my entry for whatever theme the monthly photo contest I take part in has selected. This month the theme is “Decay”.

I was starting to think that I might not get anything to enter – my output has been somewhat low over the past month or so – but on Friday, knowing I had a few frames remaining on this roll of Delta 400, I decided to get out the little mini-studio thing I have. It’s basically a collapsible lightbox into which you can put small objects to photograph them. It has a set of LED lights built in which provide plenty of illumination, plus a set of foam sheets in a variety of colours to use as backdrops.

It’s not very sturdy, but it didn’t cost very much either and I’ve found it to be useful within its limitations. It works better when I use a macro lens and a smaller subject as the edges of the backdrops can start to creep into the frame – as happened with this picture as the close-up lens I used on the Yashicamat doesn’t allow me to get too close and resulted in my cropping in to remove the “behind the magic” rubbish at the top, bottom, and sides.

It worked well enough for me to photograph this bunch of maple leaves that I picked up in the back garden.


Yashicamat 124G with close-up lens #1 & Ilford Delta 400 . Ilfotec DD-X 1+4 8mins @ 20°

Taken on 20 January 2023.


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