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Enough is Enough – Meeting

On Saturday 1 October 2022 a number of demonstrations and marches were held in towns and cities across the UK in protest of the cost of living crisis engulfing the country. This was further driven by the disastrous “mini budget” that had been delivered by the new Prime Minister, Liz Truss, and her Chancellor of the Exchequer, Kwasi Kwarteng which effectively benefited the wealthiest in society.

Such was the impact of this budget – causing grave consternation in financial markets, impacting the value of the Pound and pushing inflation into double-digits, as well as losing support amongst their own government, party, opposition parties, and the general public – that the Chancellor and Prime Minister were both forced to resign, making Liz Truss the shortest serving PM in UK history, lasting just seven weeks in the post.

I thought it would be good to document the local march, so headed into town with my Olympus OM-1N and XA3 cameras in tow. I’ll split the pictures over the next few days. This first set shows people meeting at the starting point for the march.

I loaded a roll of Delta 3200 into the OM-1N, but overexposed it a couple of stops by shooting it at 800asa and then pulled it in development (mostly because I didn’t have any HP5+ to hand, or I would have shot that at 800asa and pushed it a stop instead). I think the Delta looks quite good shot this way, and I’d probably do the same again if I don’t need the extra couple of stops of light.

Enough is Enough
Enough is Enough-2
Enough is Enough-3
Enough is Enough-4
Enough is Enough-7
Enough is Enough-8

Olympus OM-1N, Zuiko Auto-S 50mm f/1.8 & Ilford Delta 3200 (shot at 800asa and pulled in development). Ilfotec DD-X 1+4 8mins @ 20°

Taken on 1 October 2022


3 thoughts on “Enough is Enough – Meeting

  1. These are so interesting. In the US, the former big baby did all sorts of shenanigans to benefit the wealthy, too, and it created more inequity. Along with that, hatred of others became the norm, and, as of late, healthcare – already shoddy if you don’t have bucks – has been targeted because of the removal of Roe vs. Wade as a guaranteed right. At least you have healthcare guarantees, though I have no idea how good it is. And, being in California, at least I don’t have snow and plummeting temperatures to deal with. I think documenting these marches and such are important because in later years one might wonder. I really dislike it when people who are “conservative” decide that what they want is the best and the rest of the country and people be damned. Yeah, status quo has its points, but when the good of the people is denied by a few – well, when is the next rebellion or civil war. I hope things have since improved.

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