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Fruiting bodies

Why is Toad from the Super Mario games so popular? Becasuse he’s such a fun guy!

Ho ho ho. 🙂

It’s autumn and toadstools, mushrooms, and fungi of all manner of varieties are in full evidence. There were numerous examples to be seen when I visited Padley Gorge the other week, including some teeny-tiny specimens growing from the trunks and stumps of trees. I’m glad I had my macro lens with me!


Nikon F80, Sigma 105mm f/2.8 OS HSM & Fujichrome Velvia 50. Lab developed & home scanned.

Taken on 4 November 2022


2 thoughts on “Fruiting bodies

  1. I really like these – rather mysterious, certainly beautiful. Check out “Wicked Dark Photography” on flickr and her blog – some of her mushroom and fungi photos are really beautiful!

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