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Winner winner salad spinner

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I’d bought a salad spinner as a means to remove excess liquid from my negatives before hanging them to dry. At that time I’d only tried it with a single roll of 120 film (and not scanned them at the time of writing). I’ve now developed and spun three rolls using this method and it’s been a resounding success so far. Today was the first roll of 135 film I’ve used the spinner to dry and it looks to have worked really well too – 135 film was where most of my issues occurred and I rarely got noticeable water marks on 120 film (that I could see, at least).

Today’s picture was shot in the Winter Gardens in Sheffield city centre. The table football game hasn’t been there when I’ve walked through on previous occasions, but it has been a while. It made for a nice photo though and I really like the airily lit upper part of the image. Colorplus is a surprisingly nice film, despite it’s ‘consumer’ status.

Table football

Olympus Trip 35 & Kodak Colorplus. Lab developed. Home scanned and converted with Negative Lab Pro.

Taken on 23 September 2022.


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