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The house on Gell Street

This satisfyingly angular building isn’t actually a house. Rather it houses the archaelology department of the University of Sheffield, or at least some of it – there may be other facilities elsewhere amongst the vast array of properties owned by the university also dedicated to the same subject.

I expect it probably was a residential property at some point but I’ve not found anything covering its history in my (brief) online search.

I went out today and shot a full roll of Velvia 50 – a roll that I bought before the pandemic with the intention of capturing some autumn colour but which has sat in the fridge ever since. Today was its day. Let’s hope I get something good, eh? 🙂

Blue sky over Gell Street

Olympus Trip 35 & Kodak Colorplus. Lab developed. Home scanned and converted with Negative Lab Pro.

Taken on 23 September 2022.


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