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Multiple exposure

Regular readers may remember me posting on occasion about the photo competition I enter each month, It’s approaching the end of the 2022 contest now with just three images remaining to be entered. October’s theme is multiple exposure.

I rarely shoot multiple exposure images (although occasionally accidentally), but I’ve shot quite a few this month, including a full roll of 12 shots with the Holga and also several shots on a roll of expired Truprint FG+. Of all the shots, the one featured in the blog today is my favourite and the one I’ve entered in the competition. It’s a picture of three overlaid camera – an Olympus OM-1, an Olympus XA3, and a Kodak Retina IIa. The resulting image looks a little like an x-ray photo, the sort you see from airport scanners.

I’ll perhaps post some of the other shots in a future post.

For photographing the multiverse

Nikon F80, Sigma 105mm f/2.8 OS HSM & Truprint FG+ (expired 2003). Lab developed and home scanned.

Taken on 22 October 2022

6 thoughts on “Multiple exposure

  1. I came here through Jim Grey’s blog. Saw this and realised it was you, fishyfisharcade, from Flickr. This came up on my feed, and I thought it was a great idea that turned out really well. Fingers crossed for the competition. CDSnapper

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