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A new king and a brasserie

The proclamation of King Charles III took place today. Despite my usually staying away from televised royal events for the most part I thought I would take the time to watch this as it was a truly historic occasion. Not only the first time it has taken place in seventy years, but also the first time that certain sections have been broadcast live in this way. It was interesting to see, particularly as the showed the official proclamation of Queen Elizabeth II beforehand and so it was facinating to hear the same words (almost) being read seven decades apart. Elizabeth’s was only broadcast in part however, with the only the proclamation from the balcony of St. James’ Palace being shown. Today we were able to witness the events preceding this, with The King’s first privy council and personal declaration being shown live on television. I expect there were far fewer women present during Elizabeth’s, and certainly not two female Prime Ministers.

It still feels somewhat surreal that the UK now has The King instead of The Queen but I expect that, for most people, it will make little material difference to their lives once the hustle and bustle has diminished.

I don’t have a picture that references a king in my archive (I don’t think Burger King counts…), so instead here’s a random picture of the doorway of a brasserie, which bears no relation to the subject matter above whatsoever.

Brasserie Abode

Olympus 35 RC & Kodak Portra 800 (shot at 400asa). Lab developed. Home scanned and converted with Negative Lab Pro.

Taken on 10 August 2022

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