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Wentworth post office

Yesterday’s trip to the dentist resulted in, as I expected, the removal of one of my teeth – an upper back molar. The experience was not a pleasant one. It didn’t hurt at all and, so far, I’ve suffered no real post-extraction pain either. The lack of pain does not remove the other sensations resulting from having a tooth removed however. I’ll not go into details here as people might not want the gruesome breakdown, but suffice it to say that it is a highly uncomfortable physical experience even without pain.

I’m now stuck with a diet of soft or liquid foods for a while, so I’ll be having soup shortly, and had porridge for my breakfast and scrambled eggs for lunch. No hot drinks for a few days either, and even my soup will have to be left to cool before I awkwardly eat it while trying not to get any in the tooth socket. This is more to protect the healing of the extraction site than because it will cause pain, I think. I’ll also start a regime of saline rinses after I eat today and will need to carry on with those for the next week or more. At least it being on the upper jaw means that gravity works to prevent stuff getting stuck in there a little

Hopefully the infection that caused my trip in the first place has gone with the tooth though.

Enough horrible dentistry stuff, so here’s a photo of Wentworth post office, cast in some quite significant contrasty shadow by the light and the film I used. It took me a number of attempts to get this shot as cars kept pulling up in front on a frequent basis.

Wentworth post office

Fujica GW690 & Fomapan 400. Shot at 200asa and developed at box speed by lab (in Xtol).

Taken on 20 February 2022

9 thoughts on “Wentworth post office

  1. My oldest just found out he has to have his wisdom teeth removed, before his next orthodontic appointment. He is not looking forward to it. I tried to reassure him that at least he will get it out of the way .


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