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Ghost sign

I wonder what WABYS RIBY was?

I’ve toyed with the idea of making a zine with “ghost signs” as the theme, but I’m not sure if I know of that many that I can photograph. This one is in Cleethorpes, but there are only two that immediately spring t mind closer to home – although in a city the size of Sheffield I’m sure there must be a considerable number still lurking around.

My Plustek scanner seems to have developed a fault over the past year or so which results in a faint coloured band down the middle of images. You can see it in the blue sky on today’s picture if you look closely (above the letter Y in the sign). It’s not blatant, and it can’t be seen on more contrasty backgrounds, but it’s there and I can see it. Oddly though, it only seems to occur on scans of colour negatives. I’ve looked for it on B&W scans and colour transparencies and there’s no sighn of the artefact – even if I whack dehaze up to max in Lightroom. I’m currently communicating with Plustek support to see how I can get it fixed. Unfortunately my scanner is out of warranty so I’ll probably have to pay for a repair.


Olympus XA3 and Kodak Colorplus (expired 2012 and shot at 100asa)

Taken on 31 January 2021

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