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Planet Circus OMG!

Pasted on the windows of a betting shop in Cleethorpes are a bunch of posters for the circus that was scheduled to come to town a week or so after I visited. The light was great, so it gets to be today’s picture.

I’ve had a couple of days off work this weekend, giving me four days instead of the usual two. My outstanding luck meant that this was as a sequence of winter storms hit the country and I was stuck indoors for most of the time.

Today however, despite it still being quite windy, the weather was bright so I took myself out for a few hours to get some photography done. I visited the picturesque village of Wentworth which is about half an hour’s drive. I’ve not shot my GW690 for a while, so decided to let it see some light and ran three rolls through it during the trip. It’ll be a week or two before they start appearing here as I’m currently back in the back in terms of a backlog of other new photos to post.

Planet Circus OMG

Olympus XA3 and Kodak Colorplus (expired 2012 and shot at 100asa)

Taken on 31 January 2021

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