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I didn’t develop any film today

I have a roll of film to develop and had half a mind to get that done today. But then I spent the time watching TV and playing videogames instead. I normally develop my film in the utility room at the back of the house which is the same room where the washing machine and tumble-dryer live and, as there were several loads of clothes to be washed and dried, it would have been quite cluttered and noisy in there today, so I decided to put the job off for another day.

It wasn’t a hard decision to make though. I really don’t enjoy the process of developing film. I find it a chore. I’ll keep doing it because a) I invested in all the equipment to do so, b) It saves me a noticeable amount of money and, c) amazingly my home developed negatives hung to dry in the shower cubicle have notably less dust on them than the ones I get back from the lab, which is a bonus.

Despite these benefits, I don’t enjoy the process, and the thought of having to get all the stuff out, get everything measured and at the right temperatures, carry out the process of developing the film and then, the most tedious part, washing everything out. It’s basically housework.

Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow…

With zero connection to the rest of the post, here’s a photo of a door, window, road-sign, and a decorated telephony cabinet which I photographed because I liked the way they were lit.

Place with a sunrise

Bronica ETRSi, Zenzanon 75mm f/2.8 PE & Fujichrome Provia 100. Lab developed.

Taken on 23 January 2022

4 thoughts on “I didn’t develop any film today

    1. I’m very fortunate to have a lab within walking distance of home where I can drop off a roll in the morning and get the negatives back in the afternoon, so speed isn’t a big issue for me. I still use them for all my C41 & E6 developing, plus the occasional roll of B&W if I’m feeling particularly lazy about developing it myself.

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  1. I used to love developing my films! Preparing the chemicals, rummaging around in the changing bag, the anticipation (and impatience) of pulling out the developed reel and squinting at the rectangles on the film during the wash. I used to love that. I don’t do it now just because we don’t really have a place where I can safely develop films outside the kitchen. So I’m restricted to catching a train to get C41 films developed in an hour, or black and white developed in a week or so. (And people wonder why I prefer digital. 😉)

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    1. I’m glad I can develop my own (albeit B&W only at present), and seeing the images appear at the end of the process is always nice, but for me it’s tempered by the rest of the process which I find a bit tedious. It’s possibly because I’m quite time-poor though and would generally rather be doing something else. Maybe I’ll enjoy it more when I’m retired. 🙂


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