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Rainy day

I fianlly got around to developing a new roll of film today, so I have fresh images to use in the blog. I’ve also got the two rolls I shot yersterday, but one of those will be going to the lab (it’s a roll of Provia 100 and I don’t have the means to develop it at home), and the other (a roll of FP4+) will wait until next weekend. I have 12 potential shots from the roll I developed today though. Or I will when they’re all scanned – I’ve only had time to scan the first three shots so far.

This one was taken a couple of weeks ago on a trip to Doncaster with my wife and sister-in-law. My aim was to try and get “rainy” photos as that’s the theme for the photo-comp this month. Heavy rain had been forecast, so all looked like it might be good to get a bunch of suitable pictures but, in the end, this is the only one I got. I took two more shots on the day, but neither of them feature much rain. The problem was that, while it had rained earlier, when we arrived it had stopped again so all I had to play with was damp streets and heavily-overcast skies. I felt somewhat annoyed by this betrayal by the weather – made worse by the fact that I had to hang around for ages while my wife and her sister did some shopping. Luckily though, the heavens opened for a short while and I was able to get the picture below. It was a very quickly grabbed image, but it fits the theme. It’s not really rained much since that day (at least not when I’ve had opportunity to go out with a camera), so this image will have to suffice.

Knowing it was going to be a glomy day I decided to push the HP5+ to 1600asa to enable useable shutter speeds without opening up the aperture too much for what I wanted to achieve.

Rainy day

Yashicamat 124G & Ilford HP5+ (pushed to 1600asa). Ilfotec DD-X 1+4 13mins @ 20°

Taken on 8 January 2021

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