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Tree silhouettes

The final two frames from this roll of Shanghai GP3 which I shot just before Christmas are shown here today. Almost the final two anyway – there is still another I might use if needed, and a few more shots of leaves covered in raindrops, but I’ve started scanning a fresh roll that I developed today, so hopefully those will start to appear soon.

Tree silhouette #1

Tomorrow I need to think about doing one of those “Looking back at the year“-type posts with my favourite photos from the past twelve months. It will be interesting to see which ones I choose from the autumn’s crop of images – I feel like that entire period was something of a dry spell and I’m not sure what I will choose. Anyway, that will appear tomorrow all being well.

Tree silhouette #2

Yashica Mat 124G & Shanghai GP3. Lab developed in Xtol.

Taken on 18 December 2021

2 thoughts on “Tree silhouettes

  1. I really like that top frame. To my eye, the layering through the scene gives it a three dimensional quality. That tree has some terrific stories to tell.


    1. Thanks. I wonder how old it is – it’s an oak, so I believe they grow at approx 1-foot-per-year, so I’d estimate it to be fifty years old at least, but I guess it could be older than that depending on the conditions it’s grown in. The split at the base of the trunk goes all the way through the tree, although the gap is much smaller on the other side. Probably too small for Robin Hood to hide in though… 🙂


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