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I’ve been out all day today and haven’t had chance to upload a photo to Flickr, and I now don’t have much time to write today’s blog post either (mostly because I’m hungry and my belly is demanding precedence…). It’s been a very foggy day today though, so I’ve dug out an old foggy day photo that I don’t think I’ve posted here before (I hope).

It was shot on a roll of Rollei Retro 400s which, despite me shooting it at the advertised box speed of 400asa, came out very underexposed. Some of the shots were pretty much ruined, but a few – like this one – I liked. This is the original scan from my V550 flatbed, so it’s a bit mushier than usual.

FILM - The tree on the hill

Olympus OM-1, Rollei Retro 400s. Lab developed in Xtol.

Taken sometime in 2016/17

3 thoughts on “Archivery

  1. It’s actually an Agfa aerial reconnaisance film, and it’s generally said the actual film speed is lower than box. Partly cos the speed for such films is calculated differently, and possibly it’s not actually Aviphot 400 any more; it’s been discontinued and they are using Aviphot 200, same as Superpan 200 (which I rather like).
    I also get a bit of an edge by developing in Microphen, which boosts the effective speed a bit…..


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