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A church in a coastal town

This pitures today show St. Joseph’s, a catholic church in the seaside resort of Mablethorpe. It’s a building I’ve photographed before (although, without looking, I can’t remember if I’ve posted photos of it on the blog previously).

Although I’m not a religious man, I like photographing (and looking at, and inside) churches. They are fascinating and impressive buildings regardless of faith and often make for interesting photographs.

The sunlight made for another nice picture on this occasion, I think, illuminating the warm browns of the brickwork against the blue of the sky. Similarly, the light on the statuette of Mary in one of the windows also made for a good picture, and I like the way the clouds are reflected in the glass.

I’ve passed by this way
On numerous occasions
Never been inside

St. Joseph's
Mary behind glass

Canon Sure Shot Z135 & Lomography Xpro Chrome 100 (expired 2012)

Taken on 16 September 2021

2 thoughts on “A church in a coastal town

    1. Thanks Jim. I belive it’s Kodak Elite Chrome which has been rebadged by Lomography. I’ve been quite fortunate in the results I’ve gotten from expired slide film, with lovely colours (even when they are perhaps not totally accurate), and there’s nothing quite like the experience of holding the strips of tiny pictures up to a window and seeing the results. It’s a shame that there aren’t more E6 films around these days (and that the ones that do remain are so expensive!).


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