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Slightly topical

I thought I’d post something that reflects the times. Yes, that’s right, that IS an Only Fools and Horses themed truck you see!..

Apologies for the naff post. I’m in the throes of prepping my office to be redecorated next week which is involving lots of effort – basically every piece of furniture needs to be taken out as it’s having a new floor laid at the same time, so I’ve spent hours carefully packing things away with the lurking knowledge that I will have to reverse the whole process next week. On top of that, we’re also having the other upstairs rooms decorated and re-carpeted the same week – plus the staircase. <sob>…

Five syllables full of threat
Of stolen free time

Del Bo(y)nd

Olympus XA3 & Ilford HP5+. Ilfotec DD-X 1+4 9mins @ 20°

Taken on 4 September 2021

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