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One thousand days

Today marks the one-thousandth consecutive daily post on my blog, having posted every day since the 1st January 2019. It feels like a milestone although, as I’ve said before back when the blog hit it’s first 1k mark (albeit non-continuous), perhaps a somewhat arbitrary one. I think the daily posting – originally intended to improve my frequency of posting by writing shorter, snappier posts, rather than infrequent but lengthier ones – has become something of a compulsion, especially as the one-thousand mark got closer.

Largely unrelated picture #1

I never started the blog to gain likes, followers, or for any sort of commercial gain – which is good as, despite having a few gundred followers (although how many of them regularly read my posts is open to question), it’s rare that I get more than a handful of like for each post, and the number of comments is similarly low – although I always try to respond when they arise. Indeed, glancing at the blog stats today, September 2021 marks one of the lowest visitor and views counts in the last three years – possibly even the lowest depending on the next few days.

Largely unrelated picture #2

Instead this blog was just for me to make some sort of small scratch on the surface of the world. It’s not particularly focused, more a case of me blurting out whatever is on my mind on any given day and showing a recent photo. This probably doesn’t help build an audience, but I doubt it will change. It will probably continue as it has – in a semi-autobiographical spew of whatever I want to talk about. Mostly regarding the pictures I made, maybe the circumstances in which they were made, and occasionally as longer-form pieces.

New guitar-
Largely unrelated picture #3

In some attempt to link to the set of pictures included in today’s post, I guess this place is like a marketplace for my work. But a marketplace where nothing is actually up for sale, and where there are few buyers for my own brand of whatever-it-is I do.

Let’s see if I make it to two-thousand…

One-thousand blog posts
Farting out my thoughts each day
To all who listen

Time for a new tie-
Largely unrelated picture #4

Olympus XA3 & Ilford HP5+. Lab developed in Xtol.

Taken on 19 August 2021

7 thoughts on “One thousand days

  1. Congratulations on this milestone! Posting every day for 1,000 days is quite an accomplishment.

    I go through phases in “how should I post to my blog?” I think I was trying to do something similar to you in the earlier aughts, when it seemed like blog post frequency was good, even if it was short posts. But it seems like Instagram and other things have stolen the thunder, and that’s where I end up posting my “short and frequent” stuff. Now I try to reserve blogging for longer bits on a semi-regular schedule.

    It just seems like blogging isn’t as important as it used to be. I look back at some of my posts from say 2012 or so. Even the short ones would get 3-5 comments. Now getting ONE comment on a post is a big deal. I’ll still get a few likes, which is nice, but comments mean so much more. And I’m also guilty of this, as I don’t comment as frequently as I used to.

    The only blogs I see where they get scads of comments on every post are those “inspirational” blogs. I don’t run the risk of becoming one of those, so I guess I’ll have to settle on infrequent comments.

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    1. I know what you mean about longer posts. I think that would be my preferred choice if I knew I would commit to writing them. I enjoy other blogger’s posts where they detail a trip or something like that with a selection of photos illustrating the events.

      At the moment I have a weird sense that, if I stop my daily posts, it will mark some sort of threshold that will be hard to get back across and my posting frequency will diminish greatly. Nothing like a bit of baseless paranoia to keep me posting regularly, eh? 😀


      1. I know the feeling. It’s hard when you set yourself to a goal, then if you allow yourself to lose that goal, it’s hard to get back. I feel that way with drawing. From time to time I’ll go through a “draw every day” goal (usually prompted by Inktober) and I’ll get through a month and feel good. Then I slip…

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    1. Thanks Kevin. I think, to some extent at least, the blog drives the volume of photos I make – there’s a constant requirement to have enough pictures to feed the engine so to speak. I never take photos for the sake of it, but I will push myself to go out and find something I like if it feels like I’m running low, even if I’m not wholly in the mood to do so. It’s a bit daft really as I have hundreds of pictyres that have never appeared on the blog if I dig into the back catalogue.


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