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Walking beside the Wye

This photo was made on our first visit to Bakewell in almost a year. I last visited back in October last year. I’d planned on going out again when the autumn colour kicked in properly but the country was thrust into a series of “tiers” based on Covid-19 infection rates and I was unable to travel beyond our local area.

While it was nice to get out there again on this day the weather wasn’t the best, being dull and rainy while we were there. I shot twenty frames with the XA3 and got a few nice pictured despite the conditions, including this one looking up the River Wye.

I was very busy with work and sorting our cat out after his recent accident, so stumped up to have this and another roll lab developed to save me the time.

A trip to Bakewell
On a dull and rainy day
Can still be quite nice

Along the Wye

Olympus XA3 & Ilford HP5+. Lab developed in Xtol.

Taken on 16 August 2021

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