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Capri in colour

Apologies to anyone hoping to see the beautiful island of Capri in this post. Instead you are going to get an infinitely cooler Ford Capri instead. It may not have the designer stores, millionaire’s residences, or crowded funicular railway, but who wants any of those when you can have a cool old car?

It’s the same car I portrayed back on 28 May, and these were taken at the same time with my Canon Sure Shot on a roll of Kodak Colorplus. I much prefer these colour photographs.

If you really want to see some colour photos of the isle of Capri, I have some of those too. 🙂

Orange paint fading
But not dulling the appeal
Of classic beauty


Canon Sure Shot Supreme & Kodak Colorplus.

Taken on 9 May 2021

One thought on “Capri in colour

  1. If you weren’t old enough for a Ford Capri you had a Raleigh Chopper 🙂 Two wonderfully iconic modes of transport from the 70’s.
    There is a black Capri I’ve seen a lot in Sheffield with the words ‘Be Magnificent’ in white lettering across the boot. Having seen the car a few times I chanced upon it parked up when the owner returned. We chatted and I discovered he has owned it for many years and is his everyday car. The wonderful ‘Be Magnificent’ on the back is a nod to the days when he was in a band that used to play the clubs in Sheffield and their van used to have the same words on it. It makes me smile whenever I see it.


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