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The Madina Mosque

Sheffield is not a city with a skyline. Being nestled in and atop valleys and hills, most of it’s buildings stand against a backdrop of topology rather than sky. There are noteable buildings that stand out however: Hyde Park and Park Hill flats, The university arts tower, the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, The former Hallam Towers hotel and others which are visible from afar both by dint of their size, and sometimes their location.

One building that sits low in one of the valleys also stands out though – the Madina Masjid / Madina Mosque. Completed in 2006 the building has a large green dome and two green-roofed towers which are visible from far around. Today’s photo shows the mosque from a vantage point on Queen’s Road. As Eid is about to be celebrated, I felt it made a fitting subject for today’s post.

Dome and minarets
Stand green-topped and prominent
A city feature

Towards the Central Mosque

Canon Sure Shot Supreme & Kodak Elite Chrome 200 (expired 2003).

Taken on 17 April 2021

3 thoughts on “The Madina Mosque

  1. Happy Wednesday, Steel City Snapper fishyfisharcade. Am I doing something wrong? For some reason, today’s photo is not appearing in the post (same thing for several posts before this one).


    1. That’s curious. I wonder if it may be a Flickr issue – there have been some issues with their Explore pages over the last few days and perhaps it’s something more widespread affecting linked images?

      Anyway, the photo of the Madina Mosque can be found here:
      Towards the Central Mosque

      If you click through from there you should be able to find the other recently posted images too (and indeed everything I’ve ever added to the blog and more) on my Flickr site.

      The blog post images from the past few days are all showing ok fo me, although there is one of the images in my post from the 9th May that will only display as a link and not as an embedded image.


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