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Birches at Bolehills Quarry

Bolehills Quarry, up above Padley Gorge, is carpeted with lush grass and beautiful silver birch trees. It’s a location that likely suits pretty much any type of conditions. The trees cast stark shadows in bright light and look mysterious in mist. These two shots were made around 9-10am while the sun was still striking long shadows.

I scanned these using EpsonScan, which is not something I normally do with colour photos as I’ve been less than successful at getting nice colours from the results in the past. This time though, I think it’s worked very well. Maybe not perfect – I doubt I’ll ever be sure a colour scan is “perfect” – but still a result I’m very happy with.

The Bolehills birch trees
White trunks cast shadows on green
In the morning sun


Bronica ETRSi, Zenzanon 75mm f/2.8 PE & Kodak Portra 160.

Taken on 6 April 2021

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